Sam Middelton(b.1927)

August 17, 2009

Sam Middelton was born in 1927 in New York City. Although he is an African American, he is considered one of the leading Dutch abstract modern painters. He has lived in Amsterdam since 1962. A world renowned artist who has exhibited around the world.

Adrian Piper

August 17, 2009

Adrian Piper is a conceptual artist, writer, philosopher, and social activist. She has redefined what it means to be a woman of color in a white dominated art world. Her unique approach to art and life has brought with it, controversies. This is good, especially in countries that preach”freedom” with such conviction, as they do in the United States. Yet, Ms. Piper has been stripped of her college teaching position for failing to return to the USA (She lives in Berlin, Germany) to face charges from the U.S. Transportation Agency’s placement of her on the “to watch list.” Let’s wave the red, white and blue for Ms. Piper. Check out her wonderful career and artistic development. Photo: (l) Ms. Piper,

180px-Adrian_Piper Adrian Piper (l)


Ms. Dumas is a white South African painter who specializes in painting black people. She starts from her own experience. ” A lot of me is Afrikan, I don’t have experience of life in the ghetto, or being in prison, or living in the bush. That’s why I won’t paint that.” Indeed, the race of many of her portrait heads is deliberately ambiguous, highlighting volatile and unpredictable emotional states from aggressiveness to extreme passivity. (See John Haber’s article on Ms. Dumas on our Art Today page.) ed.


images(Dumas, boys, and portrait).


Elizabeth Sheppell of the Sander/Hudson gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, loves the physicality of painting, and the process that defines it. Loose shapes repeat and tie one another. The works can be quiet and airy–sometimes complex and charged.

Sheppell.SpillingOut1 Sheppell, Spilling out.


Mr. Harris is also a collage artist. He considers collage as the same building, adding, and taking away of mental blocks, in order to get to the essentials of what one is looking for. He uses the same process in his writing.

IMG_3693ENTER THE SCREAMING ROOM. Collage by Jerry Harris. Courtesy of the if Art Gallery, Columbia, South, Carolina.

THE COSMOLOGICAL EYE. Collage by Jerry Harris, if Art Gallery, Columbia, South, Carolina,


WILLIAM POPE. L (b. 1955, below)

William Pope. L was born in Newark, New Jersey. He is an African American performance artist best known for his work in performance art, and interventionist public art. He has produced painting, photography, and theatre. ” I am a fisherman of social absurdity, if you will…My focus is to politicize disenfranchisement, to make it new, to reinvent what’s beneath us, to remind us where we all come from.”