Jean-Michael Basquiat (b. 1960 d. 1988)

Jean-Michael Basquiat didn’t live very long. He produced an impressive amount of work. Although he claimed to be from a poor family, he was, in fact, from a middle class New York City home. His work today sells in the millions of dollars. Excessive drug taking led to his demise. I guess he had fun while it lasted, at least I hope so. He was exploited by his New York City art dealers, and he in turn, exploited them. He palled around with Andy Warhol at The Factory, and the painter Julian Schnabel did an interesting film about him. May he rest in peace finally.

300px-untitled_acrylic_and_mixed_media_on_canvas_by_-jean-michel_basquiat-_1984 Jean-Michael Basquiat


By Jerry Harris

The oil barons with their money tap constantly turned on and bleeding the consumers. It is never turned off. Forged iron, copper, fiberglass, found objects, and wood.

6. Exxon Oil King

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