Eugene Martin(d.2005) and Humberto Castro

I got into Eugene James Martin’s work almost two years ago. I was introduced to it by his widow, Dr. Suzanne Fredericq, who is a biologist at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. Mr. Martin is an artist’s artist. Not one for the limelight. He just wanted to paint. He left thousands of paintings that are as lyrical as Miro’s, with colors that Matisse would admire. I will put up more of his work as I build this page. In the meantime, look up his website on Google. It will be an exploration of an artist who lives in the blue skies.

Eugene James Martin Midnight Golfer, Eugene Martin

Humberto Castro (b.1957)

Humberto Castro(bottom) was born in Havana, Cuba in 1957. He emigrated to the United States from Paris in 1999. He has received numerous international awards, and his work is acclaimed and shown in renowned museums and private collections. This is a recent installation of his.


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